I very much enjoyed doing the Create the LIFE you want Vision Board Workshop. At first, I was unsure what to expect from the workshop. I was hoping to find clarity in the questions that I was asking my inner self about my life. However, I learned that « clarity is not an “event”.  It continues to unfold as you live your life. Be willing to recognize openings and even endings as possible manifestations from the work you did. » I now realize that I need to stop putting things off and just do them. Do the things that interest me and not make excuses to not try them. Life is too short! I now have a better vision of what I want my life to look like and I thank this workshop for that. I recommend this self-reflecting workshop to all.

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Thank you, ladies, for making this happen! I truly appreciated the experience and hope to gain further clarity. What a nice way to spend an afternoon! Bonding with others who have similar energies 😊 empowering!
And yes, I’m definitely going to catch up in the new year for some personal coaching 🙂
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I can’t say enough good things about the inspirational afternoon I spent with Adale, Lynn and seven amazing women!  It was a TOTAL experience!  Not only did we make beautiful Vision Boards under the expertise of Lynn and Adale, but it was also an afternoon of sharing personal stories, encouragement, and new friendships!  I can’t recommend this experience enough! Thank you so much, ladies!!
Follow up from Kelly…
Ladies, I’ve been doing this meditation now for a little over three weeks now and it has been amazing between this and my Vision Board, what has come into my life! ❤️❤️.. passing it on to u! It’s on Abundance…


I highly recommend the Vision Board Workshop with Lynn & Adale.  Not only did I meet some great people, but they quickly made me realize how important it is to visualize my wants and needs and that positive thinking is a must for all goods things to happen.  I cannot stop looking at the Vision Board I’ve created in this workshop.  It is my daily motivation “to get it done”.

I have also just completed my 7 Days of Calm Meditation on the “Calm App” which was recommended by Adale.  I am now moving on to the 21 Days of Calm. I highly recommend this app, I am sleeping better and feeling more relaxed and calm the longer I use this app.

I look forward to another Workshop to add to my Vision Board all the new and exciting goals I plan to achieve.