Why work with a Professional Matchmaker?

You hire a professional to change your brakes. You hire a professional for financial advice.  If you’re single and tired of meeting the wrong people, now you can HIRE your own Professional Matchmakers!  We do all the work: You have all the fun!

New Beginnings Matchmaking – Turning singles into couples!

Nobody should go through life alone. Companionship, support and intimacy are what makes life enjoyable and extraordinary.  Lynn & Adale are committed to helping you meet and connect with your special someone.

Lynn Larondeau – The Connector

Professional MatchMakers: Lynn LarondeauFriends and family call me “the connector”. I take a personal interest in truly getting to know people . One of my heart’s desires is to help others succeed and live a positive, happy, fulfilled life.

I have chosen to live this way myself: both happy & successful in all aspects of my life. As a 52 year young woman, who was married for 25 years, I had to experience what it was like to be single again. This has taught me a lot and each day learning and growing as a woman, to create the life I want for myself.

With the benefit of my personal experiences, as well as many years working in marketing and business, I am able to make my passion my profession with New Beginnings Matchmaking.

As a professionally trained Matchmaker I am excited to work with you, to discover your needs, wants and desires. I will ensure your time and energy are not wasted. It will be my pleasure to search for the person who gives you butterflies and connect you with your match so you can begin a healthy, loving relationship.

Adale Boudreau – The Listener

Professional MatchMakers: Adale BoudreauFor over a 15 years, I have helped people through their journey of weight loss.  For many, it’s a struggle that goes beyond simply eating less.  Helping individuals change their bodies, improve their health and discover their personal power is extremely rewarding.

Married at 41, I know, firsthand, your struggles in finding ‘the one’.  I was set up on a blind date with someone who was typically “not my type”. I knew I would marry him after our second date! I can help you look beyond your usual type. I look forward to using my passions to help you find yours.

My listening skills, intuition and strong interviewing abilities allow me to ask the right questions to elicit an authentic profile. I truly get to the heart and uniqueness of each member.

Now, as a Professional Matchmaker, I’m excited to put my knowledge and experience to work.

New Beginnings Matchmaking: The one business that looks forward …to you leaving!