As we learn we grow and after meeting & interviewing hundreds of people to assist in finding love we understand that the online dating world can be a rather daunting and confusing experience, so New Beginnings Matchmaking love experts have branched out to assist in developing an Online Dating Profile Coaching service, as another avenue to aid you in your quest for love.

Can you relate to any of these circumstances?

  • You feel like you’ve met a nice man/woman online and then all of the sudden they’re gone?
  • You’ve been messaging back and forth many times and they for one reason or another have some sort of excuse on why they can’t meet in person?
  • You start to get to know someone and they are now asking too much personal information?
  • You’re not sure what to discuss and what is the correct online etiquette?
  • You have added pictures of yourself, but are they giving the best portrayal of who you are?
  • No matter how many times you speak to new online matches, you continue to attract the wrong person, over and over?


This online date coaching service is unique in the fact that we will work with you giving you the option of editing your existing profile, or simply writing a brand new profile for you! Our focus is to work with you to ensure your customized profile best conveys your authentic self, and that your words and pictures represent you, at your absolute best.  There are always dos and don’ts. We will provide you with online date questions.  We work with you to encapsulate your genuine qualities and convey them through your profile. Your openness and opinions are needed and valued during the profile renovation process, as ultimately your satisfaction and success is our end goal.

Our overall objective is to aid you in attracting the kind of person you desire, all while coaching you through any questions or issues which arise in the online dating scene.

Basic Online Dating Profile Coaching:

After your completion of a confidential profile, we will set up an in-depth interview to gain a better understanding of who you are and what you are looking for in a match. We will discuss the best dating sites with you and review/ and or provide a customized, personal profile and/or bio for you to use. We can also provide some insight and recommendations in choosing the right kind of pictures and will guide you on the proper etiquette and techniques for online dating.

$129.95 + HST

Ultimate Online Dating Profile Coaching:

Includes everything from the Basic Package along with 2 hours of Online Date Coaching Best Practices

$259.95 + HST

**Online Dating Profile Coaching Service rates are based on your needs and may vary dependant on what you desire.

Trust us, we know it can be treacherous out there in cyber land – Let us work with you through the hard part and then allow you to start the dating part in a positive light.

Spreading the Love One Online Profile at a Time!