Looking for her match….

Gentlemen does this sound like the woman for you?

“I’m a strong, self-sufficient, dog loving, book reading, independent woman.  I spend many a weekend at my parents camp, fishing, hiking and talking/drinking in the gazebo.  I have a love of SPREADSHEETS, yes spreadsheets… quirky I know and I own it! ;-).  My sense of humor tends towards the sarcastic/dry and can be a bit off beat.  I am looking for an honest, patient, intelligent, self-sufficient man who will love my dog, enjoys reading, and can challenge me. Hopefully he likes to be outdoors and can bait his own hook ;-). ”

If you are a single man between 30-38 years of age,  enjoys  the outdoors, with a great sense of humor  or if you know someone who fits this description, help Spread the LOVE with us.

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