Have you ever wondered, why me?

Why am I, still single?

Why do I get myself in these unwanted situations?

Why can’t I catch a break?

Why can’t things go better at home, at work, in my life?

That use to be me, once upon a time. With 15 years of struggle climbing the corporate ladder, to just have it all pulled out from under me. Engaged twice and never able to make it to the altar.

Fast forward a dozen years….

I purchased my first failing weight loss business in 2002, increasing its sales by over 400%. My centre ranked in the top 10 across 350 locations, earning the President’s Award for outstanding contributions. I coached & motivated hundreds of individuals to help them change their lives, lose weight and get healthy for life (myself included). Met and married the love of my life at 41 years of age, co-created New Beginnings Matchmaking and am now helping singles to find a lasting love match.

Hi, I’m Adale and if you’re still reading this you are likely searching for something…. to help you improve your life.

This is where I come in! As your personal coach, my job will be to work with you and provide you with tools so YOU can create your positive change, see new possibilities, help you define the steps to be taken to achieve both your short-term and long-term goals. Together we will break through limitations, harnessing your interpersonal power to achieve personal development and take back the control you want in your life.

I teach personal accountability for attitude and behaviors, to improve and live your best life!

When my world fell apart in 2002 I realized something wasn’t working for me. Since then I have devoured countless self-help books, studied The Law of Attraction, The Power of Flow, The Secret, Tony Robbins 6 Human Needs to name a few.  I personally have grown from working with my own Life Coach. We all benefit by having someone in our corner, helping us bring out the best in ourselves and the best we have to offer.

All top athletes have a coach! Guiding them, training and mentoring them behind the scenes, so they too can rise to their full potential & greatness.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can begin today. Together we can get started on your journey to happiness.

Register here to set up your complimentary 30-minute consultation.

Together we will determine your coaching package/options and embark on your journey.

Coaching Packages: Range from 5 to 12 – One hour sessions at $55.00 per hour and are decided together during consultant.

Adale Boudreau is a certified Health & Wellness Coach, International Matchmaker, and Certified Life Coach Practitioner specializing in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (tools and techniques used to facilitate powerful, quick and long-lasting change in one’s behaviour and thought process).

Coaching Testimonials

” I have learned lots about myself since joining New Beginnings, and Adale has coached me with very helpful dating advice and first date pointers.  She is definitely worth looking into. ”  Adam

“I met with Adale for approximately 5 hours prior to my first introduction. It had been decades since my last date and I really needed to sort out my priorities and expectations. Adale is a great listener and put up with a lot of my antics. She did not take notes or interrupt my conversations. The few well placed questions that she threw out really got me thinking. The whole process was an excellent way for me to rediscover myself. I feel more confident and focused. I was able to discover strengths that I had previously not realized. “
“Without the help of Lynn and Adale at New Beginnings   Matchmaking, I would never have met my current girlfriend.  They not only helped me determine what it was I was looking for in a person, but also taught me a lot about myself.  They helped me overcome some of my personal anxiety and gave me advice on courtship and date ideas.  They were always supportive during events.  They have changed my life for the better and I can’t thank them enough. ”                                           Darrell