Do you want to improve your life like Pamela?…..

Are you truly happy and successful or are there parts of your life that are unfulfilled.  The life you want to live is within your grasp… invest in yourself.. invest in a Life Coach….

“Life coaching is about improving oneself whether personal or professional.  Adale has this unique way of asking questions that draw out answers that will surprise you.  Be prepared to have a couple of “ah-ha” moments that reveal pieces of your past that build the puzzle of your life.  Things or patterns you do in your daily life will start to make sense.  From there Adale will create a script that allows yourself to be open and accepting of whom you are.  To truly move forward in your life,  you need to love and accept who you are now.  It is then that you will be open to the process that begins your development.  Life is about the journey and not the destination and life coaching makes the journey that much more enjoyable.” 


Adale Boudreau is a certified Health & Wellness Coach, International Matchmaker, and Certified Life Coach Practitioner specializing in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (tools and techniques used to facilitate powerful, quick and long-lasting change in one’s behaviour and thought process).

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