Do You Often Feel That The Ones You Meet Online Aren’t Looking For a Serious Relationship?? It’s Time You Join New Beginnings Matchmaking…

Just like Kim


“As a 55-year-old widow, it’s been 30 plus years since I have been in the dating world.  I wasn’t having any success on line so I became a member of New Beginnings Matchmaking. Lynn and Adale quickly put me at ease. They spent time finding out who I was and what kind of man I wanted in my life.  I have been on a few introductions, all of which had the qualities I was looking for in a man.  I haven’t found a love match yet but having Lynn and Adale on the lookout for me and introducing me to like-minded men the possibilities have increased 10 fold verses leaving it up to chance.  I’m glad  I invested in myself after spending the last 13 years raising my kids. Now it’s my time .”