Hello Ladies ….We Have A Fit, Active ,Single Dad Looking For His Partner

We have a 51-year-old family man with a young son whom he has half time. Loves to live a healthy life works out  & runs regularly & enjoys the outdoors. His ideal women is strong willed, interested in doing outdoor activities like running, camping and hiking. She likes to travel and is fit and healthy.  A women

Vision Board Workshop, Saturday, November 17th, 2018

Relationships, Career, your Home, your Health, your Image…what does your future look like? Through our New Beginnings journey, we have grown to learn so much about wants, desires and needs and why people sometimes block the very things they want in their life.  The time to take back your Power is NOW… and CREATE the LIFE you

Do you want to improve your life like Pamela?…..

Are you truly happy and successful or are there parts of your life that are unfulfilled.  The life you want to live is within your grasp… invest in yourself.. invest in a Life Coach…. “Life coaching is about improving oneself whether personal or professional.  Adale has this unique way of asking questions that draw out answers

For the cost of a coffee a day ($1.90), we can help you find your love match….

  Have you been searching for that special someone with little or no luck?? Spending lots of time online and never really meeting that special someone?? Or have you been like so many other people just leaving it up to chance?? It’s time that you invest in your future… It’s time that you invest in

She would rather be outdoors than in front of the TV…. Do you feel the same?

Our newest member is looking for a gentlemen who is intelligent and down to earth, generous and caring, humorous, physically active, enjoys the outdoors, loves music, has an adventurous side and is curious about life. He is comfortable being himself in the bush or at the theatre, has a wide range of interests, and isn’t