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New Beginnings Matchmaking: Date without disappointment.

New Beginnings Matchmaking is a personalized matchmaking company located in North Bay, Ontario, servicing Northern Ontario, singles 25 years and older. Two professionally trained Matchmakers helping you expand your circle and offer an alternative to online dating and/or leaving it up to chance.

We are here to work with individuals looking for a monogamous committed relationship.

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Lynn & Adale

Below are 3 options to choose from when you join New Beginnings Matchmaking.

Option 1

Database Membership

  • Join our private data base
  • Complete a private in-depth personality profile, viewed only by your Matchmakers. This allows you to
    be open and real to share your history, details, personality traits and much more, along with what you are
    looking for in a partner.
  • A personal call following your profile completion.
  • Each profile is personally reviewed (No computer algorithms, real flesh and blood).
  • If/when we feel we have a match for you we meet with you for a more in-depth discovery session prior to
    setting you up on a match date.

Annual Registration Cost $259.00 plus HST

Option 2

NBMM Club Membership

Your Database Membership along with discovering more about yourself and your needs.

  • Love Language Quiz. Understanding your love language helps you communicate your needs better.
  • Personality assessment (by Myers- Briggs). Learn more about whom you are; identify how you see
    people and the world at large. This will enable better life choices including the type of partner you are
    looking for.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of dating. Insights and tips to set you up for success on your date.
  • Predate Coaching call. An open discussion to ensure you put your best foot forward to make a lasting

 Registration Cost $359.00 plus HST

Option 3

Adale’s Life Plan Boot camp

Your NBMM Club Membership along with Adale’s Life Plan Boot Camp

Answer these questions honestly. If your answer is YES to any of them then it’s time to invest in yourself.
  • Have you been out of the dating world for awhile now?
  • Meeting people who are single, but emotionally unavailable?
  • Feel like you should be further ahead than you are in certain aspects of life?
  • You want to create an incredible future, but just not sure how?
  • You have some past blocks that you’d love to “hurdle”?

Stop waiting and JOIN Adale’s Life Plan Boot camp!

3 hours of coaching sessions* where you will work exclusively with Adale one on one to help you move
forward to create your best life. Adale is a Certified Life Coach specializing in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (tools and techniques used to facilitate powerful, quick and long-lasting change in one’s behavior and thought process).

Registration Cost $659.00 plus HST

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*Your one on one sessions by phone, Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger.